EndVision Research and Evaluation: Helping you plan for and measure results
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EndVision Research and Evaluationprovides comprehensive research, evaluation, instructional development and training services to schools, districts,
colleges, and other educational institutions, businesses, and other
public and private agencies across the country.

As research and evaluation consultants, we strive to provide our clients with timely, cost-effective and exemplary services, including

  • Proposal writing
  • Research and evaluation design, planning and implementation
  • Instrument development
  • Data collection, management and analysis
  • Reporting and communicating results
  • Evaluation technical assistance

As professionals involved communities of researchers and evaluators, we strive to

  • Influence research and evaluation policies and practices
  • Develop stronger evaluation models for complex environments
  • Improve the quality of research and evaluation design, implementation and findings
  • Enhance educational and social programs

It is our mission to provide research and evaluation services, staff development and technical assistance, andresearch-based instructional products to clients, particularly with the goals of

  • Promoting effective use of research-based instructional programs,
    teaching practices and instructional strategies, and positive learning
    environments for all students.
  • Improving learning opportunities and educational, social, and
    emotional outcomes for disadvantaged and struggling students.


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