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Randomized Experimental Study Reports

  1. McDougal Littell Middle School Science Program Evaluation Report
    [PDF 1,831kb] 7/2005

Quasi-Experimental Study Reports

  1. McDougal Littell High School Algebra Program Evaluation Report
    [PDF 1,151kb] 9/2005
  2. McDougal Littell Middle School Math Program Evaluation Report
    [PDF 1,649kb] 9/2005

Evaluation Reports

  1. Educator Supply and Demand in Utah: Final Report to Utah State Board of Education [PDF 343kb] 5/2001


  1. Evidence: An essential tool - Planning for and Gathering Evidence Using the Design-Implementation-Outcomes Cycle of Evidence. National Science Foundation Policy Paper prepared by Catherine Callow-Heusser and Rosalie Torres, Consortium for Building Evaluation Capacity [PDF 367kb] 4/2005

Method Papers

  1. Psychometric Properties of Assessments used in McDougal Littell Program Evaluations [PDF 1,011 kb] 10/2005


  1. Hot on the Trail: Minimizing Participant Attrition Over Time. Presentation at American Evaluation Association 2003 [PPT 252kb] 10/2003
  2. Data Management Techniques: How to Scrub your Data. Presentation at American Evaluation Association 2003 [PPT 603kb] 10/2003
  3. Developing Implementation Evaluation Models. Presentation at American Evaluation Association 2003 [PPT 286kb] 10/2003

Evaluation Tools and Instruments

  1. Reading for All Learners Classroom Observation 2014
    [PDF 72kb] 2014
  2. Bureau of Indian Education Reading First Classroom Observation 2010
    [PDF 130kb] 2010


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