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Catherine Callow-Heusser DIRECTOR   
 EMAIL ·  PHONE 435-757-2724

Catherine Callow-Heusser is the director and owner of EndVision Research & Evaluation.  Current contracts which she is directing include the evaluation of an NSF-funded Small Business Innovation Grant for Reading for All Learners on iPads and other mobile devices, an Idaho Title IIB Mathematics Science Partnership Project (Teaching for Excellence in Science and Literacy Achievement, TESLA) and the NSF DRK-12 Project IMMERSION. Previous contracts include the Bureau of Indian Education's (BIE) Reading First Grant, DIBELS assessment of K-3 students enrolled in BIE Reading First schools.
Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota
Catherine served as the Principal Investigator on a National Science Foundation (NSF) Research, Evaluation, and Technical Assistance project at Utah State University to build evaluation capacity and provide technical assistance to NSF’s Math-Science Partnership projects.  She formerly directed USU’s Early Head Start Research project as well as numerous other research, evaluation, and development projects.  She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Research and Evaluation and a Master’s degree in Instructional Technology from USU and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah.

Alan M. Hofmeister, Ph.D., CHIEF SCIENTIST  

Alan Hofmeister has provided technical assistance and consultant services to poverty impacted communities. He has specialized in the implementation, maintenance, and evaluation of cost-effective, administrative, and classroom practices.

Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota
In the early 1970s he provided technical assistance to sites ranging from BIA schools on the North Slope of Alaska to United States Territories in the Pacific Rim. For the latter, he received the highest civilian award from the Governor and Legislature of Guam. Alan Hofmeister’s book, Research Into Practice: Implementing Effective TeachingStrategies, published by Allyn/Bacon in 1990, is still recognized as a national pioneering effort. Alan’s instructional practices and academic programs were selected by the READ Foundation of New York and the Children’s Aid Society of New York. These practices and programs are in extensive use in New York’s most poverty-impacted communities and in after-school and summer academic programs for at-risk students in all five New York boroughs. More recently, Alan’s work as the senior advisor to low-performing BIA schools has received considerable recognition for the major improvements achieved in a comparatively short time.

Wendy Sanborn,

Wendy Sanborn has worked with EndVision as a Project Director for the McDougal Littell research studies and as a Team Leader for Bureau of Indian Education Reading First site visits. 

Wendy, Patty and Karen in Taos
Wendy taught Sociology at the university level for 5 years during which time she developed several new courses focusing on American Indian issues, spearheaded the adoption of a new major and helped redesign a sociology program.  Her areas of specialization include methods; social psychology; race, class and gender; and American Indian ethnic identity.  As a research fellow, she designed and implemented research projects employing surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups to assess respondents’ attitudes and experiences in a variety of cultural contexts.


Consultants and Specialists

Sara Krebs, M.Ed., Special Education
Literacy Coordinator, Cache School District, DIBELS Consultant

Patty Willis, M.Ed., Special Education
Literacy Facilitator, Cache School District, DIBELS Consultant

Robin and Catherine

Becky Wadsworth, B.S., Elementary Education
Title I Director, Cache School District, DIBELS Consultant

Hy Henderson, Ed.D., Special Education
Professor Emeritus, Utah State University

Cy Freston, Ph.D., Special Education
High School Principal, University Professor (retired)

Catherine Gallagher, M.S., Elementary Education/Special Education
BIA Education Specialist (retired)

Philip Callow, M.S., CRM
Teacher, Post-Secondary Dean of Technologies (retired)

Dee Logterman, M.S., Education
Public school teacher, Principal (retired)

Terry Barnes, M.S., MFT, RN

Becky Canning, M.S., Elementary Education
Public school teacher (retired)


Karen Harvey, B.S., Early Childhood Education
Public school teacher, Pre-School Director (retired)

Jean Stewart, M.S., Elementary Education
Public school teacher (retired)

Ramona Wellman, Paraprofessional, assessment specialist

Robin Callow
, Paraprofessional, assessment specialist

Douglas Allred, M.S., Education

Daniel J. Robertson, Ph.D., Educational Research Methodology

Dolores Riley, M.S., Education, Principal (retired)

Team at Canyon de Chelly



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